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Mrs Joan Hodgkinson
Hale, Cheshire, UK (Urostomy)

Question: If you were told that you had to revert back to Night Drainage Bags what would your reaction be?

Answer: I would not be happy, When I can't use U-drain, if I go on holiday for instance, I hate the fact that I have to use Night Drainage Bags. I really miss it then. 

Question: Please provide your overall feelings towards U-drain.

Answer: The U-drain has obvious advantages for people that are bed-fast, it makes it easier and less unpleasant for carers to cope with, it also gives the patient more room to manoeuvre as the tubing is longer than normal. There's no need to worry if the Night Bag tap is closed. I recently had a hand operation, if I was alone I could not have managed with a Night Bag but I was fine because I had the U-drain system, it requires minimum pressure therefore I am able to carry out this procedure on my own. The system is easy to set up, hygienic, user friendly, no unpleasant smells, simple to clean, allows freedom of movement with a better sense of security. I don't miss having to clean carpets in the middle of the night due to Night Bag accidents.



Mrs Pat Walker
Manchester, England (Urostomy)

Question: What's the worst thing about Night Drainage Bags?

Answer: Bag Stand falling over then tugging at Stoma, strong urine smell when I am emptying.

General comments: The U-drain system is wonderful, no bags, no stand to fall over. I can't think of a way to improve what it already gives.



Mrs Judy Crook
Moston, England. (Urostomy) (Secretary of Urostomy Association N/W England)

Question: How clean is U-drain compared to Night Drainage Bags?

Answer: Very clean and much more hygienic than Night Drainage Bags.

Question: How long did it take to install?

Answer: Approximately 2 hours.

General comments: I have had the privilege of trialling the U-drain system for 2 years and I think it's brilliant. I haven't encountered any major problems with it. The flexible anti-kink tubing enables me to move around more freely in bed during the night and I am enjoying a much better night's sleep. U-drain is very hygienic compared to Night Drainage Bags and is very easy to keep clean. It can be used with any make of pouch using the respective adaptors etc. I highly recommend the Use of U-drain and will never revert back to Night Drainage Bags. The U-drain is a fantastic invention; I would highly recommend it to other Urostomy wearers.



Mr Paul Rodgers
Business Owner Manchester, England (Urostomy)

Question: How do you find the everyday use of U-drain compared to Night Drainage Bags?

Answer: U-drain has changed my life, I dreaded the thought of using Night Drainage Bags when I came home from Hospital, the sight and smell of them really got me down. When my system was installed it gave me back my dignity. 

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